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2017-2018 TFA Teams

Girls Teams


Year Team Coach League Program
GU82010TFA EliteNina WalshGCDLYouth
GU82010TFA GoldBJ BlackGCDLYouth
GU9 2009 TFA Elite Matt Ruehl GCSL Youth
GU92009TFA PremierPaul KramerGCSLYouth
GU9 2009 TFA Gold Joe Phillips GCSL Youth
GU92009TFA VaporJosh BriansGCSLYouth
GU10 2008 TFA Elite John Huth BPYSL Premium
GU10 2008 TFA Premier Tom Frey BPYSL/TPL Premium
GU10 2008 TFA Gold Leo Neiheisel GCSL Premium
GU102008TFA VenomAdam ParkerGCSLPremium
GU11 2007 TFA Elite Joe Cramerding BPYSL/TPL Premium
GU11 2007 TFA Premier Joe Cramerding BPYSL/TPL Premium
GU11 2007 TFA Gold Kylie Brock GCSL Premium
GU11 2007 TFA Venom Josh Brians GCSL Club
GU12 2006 TFA Elite Matt Ruehl OSSL/BPYSL Premium
GU12 2006 TFA Premier Brian Hamad BPYSL Premium
GU12 2006 TFA Gold Mike Swafford BPYSL Premium
GU13 2005 TFA EliteErik Schoening OSSL/TPL Premium
GU13 2005 TFA Premier Jabree Jones BPYSL Premium
GU13 2005 TFA Gold Chris Stamper BPYSL Premium
GU14 2004 TFA Elite Jay Kiley OSSL/MRL Premium
GU15 2003 TFA Elite Jay Kiley OSSL/MRL Premium
GU15 2003 TFA Premier Chase Jackson
BPYSL Premium
GU16 2002 TFA Elite John Volker OSSL/MRL Premium
GU17 2001 TFA Elite Jay Kiley MRL Premium
GU17 2001 TFA Premier John Volker OSSL/MRL Premium
GU18 2000 TFA Elite Joe Cramerding OSSL/MRL Premium
GU18 2000 TFA Tiempo Kelli Brock BPYSL Club

Boys Teams

 Age Year Team Coach League Program
BU82010TFA EliteDave RuehlGCSLYouth
BU82010TFA GoldBJ SchmidtGCDLYouth
BU9 2009 TFA Elite Zach Wagner GCSL Youth
BU9 2009 TFA Premier Johnny Mirizzi GCSL Youth
BU10 2008 TFA Elite Annette Auciello GCSL Premium
BU102008TFA PremierNick SchultzGCSLPremium
BU102008TFA VaporRyan EidingGCSLClub
BU11 2007 TFA Elite Kyle Fant BPYSL Premium
BU11 2007 TFA Premier Jabree Jones GCSL Premium
BU11 2007 TFA Gold Matt Wurzelbacher
BU12 2006 TFA Elite Ryan Gray OSSL/BPYSL/TPL Premium
BU12 2006 TFA Premier Dan Barraza BPYSL Premium
BU13 2005 TFA Elite Ryan Gray OSSL/BPYSL Premium
BU13 2005 TFA Premier Shawn Hamilton BPYSL Premium
BU14 2004 TFA Elite Dan Puterbaugh OSSL/TPL Premium
BU14 2004 TFA Premier Diego Quispe BPYSL Premium
BU15 2003 TFA Elite Erik Schoening OSSL/MRL Premium
BU15 2003 TFA Premier Jabree Jones BPYSL Premium
BU16 2002 TFA Elite Dave Ruehl OSSL/MRL Premium
BU16 2002 TFA Premier Dan Perica BPYSL Premium
BU17 2001 TFA Elite Diego Quispe BPYSL Premium
BU18 2000 TFA Elite Carl Fichtenbaum OSSL Premium
BU19 1999 TFA Elite Pat Albrink OSSL/MRL Premium

Executive Director of Coaching:  Erik Schoening

Director of Player Development:  Sid Van Druenen

Youth Director of Coaching (U10 and younger): John Huth

Goalkeeping Director: Zach Wagner 

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