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General Team Administration Information

Below is information for Coaches and Team Administrators to assist you in managing your teams.  If at any time you need assistance or have any questions, please contact:

Club Administrator:   Lisa Haussler, [email protected]

Join our Facebook Group for questions and answers with our experienced admins.

Topics Covered:

To Do List
Team Checking Account
Travel Reservations
Tournament Guest Player
Permission to Play in an Out-of-State Tournament
Team Calendar 
Club Meetings
Lindsay's Law



  • Provide the Club Administrator with the following:  Head Coach Name, Assistant Coach Name, Team Admin Name, league playing in.
  • Coaches should review the Team Administration>Coach Responsibilities page of our website and register in the Blue Star system and complete the online NHFS concussion training.
  • Determine what league your team will be playing in and review the information provided in the Team Administration section of our website for that league.
  • With the assistance of the Director for your age group, determine what tournaments your team will be participating in and the applicable registration deadlines.
  • Schedule a parent meeting to gather paperwork and discuss the upcoming season.
  • Instruct your players to order their uniforms from Soccer Village online.  Refer them to the Members>Uniforms page on our website.  Consider ordering an extra uniform for your team.
  • Calculate a budget for the season and communicate deadlines for payment of team fees to your families.
  • Set up email and text distributions.
  • Open a team checking account at Fifth Third Bank (St. Rt. 128)
  • Attend league scheduling meetings
  • Disseminate the Parental Behavior Contract


Fees for the fall and spring seasons consist of club fees and team fees.

Refer to the Members Info>Fees page of our website for details of the fees by age group and program.

Club Fees include:  league fees, player cards, coaching/training, field rental, maintenance and equipment and league referee coordinator fees.  The club fees will be paid by each player directly to the club via online payment through the player online registration system.  Different level teams pay different amounts depending on the age group, level of play, amount of training, type of coach (paid coach or volunteer coach) and level of commitment required by the players.

Team Fees include: 

1.  Referee fees for league games
2.  Tournament entry fees
3.  Coach travel expenses (refer to Travel Policy on Team Admin>Important documents page)
4.  Indoor field rental (3 days avg)
5.  League fees (if play in more than one league - club pays for more expensive league)
6.  Extra uniform
7.  Misc equipment (cones, pennies, etc.)

The team fee is paid via check to the Coach or Team Administrator of your team.  The team fee varies by team depending on the number of players on the team and the number of tournaments your team plays. 


See the Members Info>Fundraising page of our website for details.

If your team needs the club's Tax ID number for a fundraiser, you must complete the Fundraising Event Request Form below. This form must be submitted to the Treasurer at least 2 weeks prior to the fundraising event.  No later than 1 week after the conclusion of the event, you will need to submit the Fundraising Event Report Form and include receipts as support of all income and expenses.  Money raised can only be used for non-profit purposes to cover valid team expenses.

Fundraising Event Request Form

Fundraising Event Report Form


All teams must use Fifth Third Bank.  We have a relationship with the Fifth Third Bank at the Cleves’ Kroger, 4001 State Route 128, Cleves, OH.  All you need to do is provide your license and a copy of your team roster (Excel doc is fine).  No other documents are required.  They have everything else they need on file for our club.

It is recommended that both the Team Admin and Coach are signers on the account.

Provide the last 4 digits of your Fifth Third account number to the Club Administrator.

On the recommendation of our tax return preparer, we are to use only one banking institution for our team's banking needs.  The club has a fiduciary responsibility with regard to our Federal Tax ID, so their recommendation is that we allow only one banking institution.


All uniform orders are placed online with Soccer Village.  Instructions for ordering can be found in the Members Info>Uniforms page of our website.


Each season the Directors will provide their tournament recommendations.

Refer to the following websites for each state’s sanctioned tournaments:           

Ohio South Youth Soccer Organization

Kentucky Youth Soccer Association

Indiana Youth Soccer Association

Be sure to review tournament options in advance to the start of the season and make note of tournament registration deadlines.

Review the Club Travel Policy document for information on the number of recommended tournaments, handling out of town coaches' expenses, and guest player policies.

In addition, TFA hosts tournaments throughout the year:  Fall Ball Classic (Sept/Oct) and United Cup (April).  TFA teams must pay full price to participate in TFA tournaments and must register by the deadline to ensure a place for your team. 

Also include in your team budget the hotel costs for your coach for any out-of-town tournaments. 


If the tournament you are attending does not require you to use their booking agency, you may use to search for and book your travel reservations. A minimum of 8 rooms is required. You will receive lower rates, and TFA will receive a kickback on reservations made through easyteamtrip.

Team Managers use the clubs exclusive travel link when they need rooms for camps, regional league games, team building trips, tournaments etc

    • Manager enters destination
    • Arrival Date and Check out date
    • Number of rooms needed (minimum 8 per night - no max - one manager can request quotes for the club if needed)
    • Selects hotels they want to receive bids from
    • Reviews bids as they come in
      • After selecting winning bid a link for that trip is created for the manager to email parents so they can reserve their own room from the block


To have a guest player play with your team in a tournament, you must complete the online Ohio South Guest Player Roster Form and bring a copy with you to the tournament registration.

  1. Go to
  2. Under Tournament Forms, select the "Tournament Guest Player Roster Form Online Approval".
  3. Complete the online form.  Note that whatever email address you enter is the email the form will be sent to.  Once finished, click “Send Email”
  4. The approved form will be emailed to you.  Print the form and bring it with you to the tournament registration.

** If the guest player is already carded with another select team for the current season, bring their player card with you to tournament registration.
*** If the guest player does not already play select soccer, you will need to get them carded for the tournament.  You will need:  copy of player’s birth certificate, picture of player and $11.00.  You can take these items to the Ohio South office to get the card for the player.  Or, you can check with the tournament director to see if they will card the player at tournament registration.


If you are playing in a tournament that is outside of Ohio South, you must complete the online Permission to Travel Form and bring a copy with you to the tournament registration.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the Tournaments menu, select “Online Application for Travel Permit”.
  3. Complete the online form.  Note that whatever email address you enter is the email the form will be sent to.  Once finished, click “Send Email”
  4. The approved form will be emailed to you.  Print the form and bring it with you to the tournament registration.


We have several game and practice fields, including:  TFA North, TFA South, TFA Harrison, and Miami Whitewater.  Always refer to our website for the current field status.  The website will be updated by 4:00pm each weekday and by 10:30am on the weekends to alert you of field closures.

Please encourage your teams to respect our fields and facilities.  Please make sure the field is free from garbage or left-over items after each game/practice.  If you need access to any of the buildings at the properties, please contact Frank Wimmer, [email protected], Fields/Facilities Manager, ahead of time to make arrangements.

You are responsible for providing the corner flags for all home games.  Corner flags will already be at the TFA Harrison fields.  However, if you play a game at the Miami Whitewater fields, you must bring flags to the field and return them when finished.


Teams are encouraged to create their own online team calendar.  One option (recommended) is the use of Shutterly.  Shutterfly gives you the ability to create an online team calendar which will send email updates to members.  You can also upload photos, display team contact information and use a message board.  Below is a video tutorial on how to set up and use Shutterfly.

Shutterfly Video Tutorial

Blue Sombrero has a team website for each team.  Go to Teams>Team Websites.  Coaches and Admins will have access to edit the team site.  At a minimum, we ask that all teams upload a team photo to their Blue Sombrero team page.  You can also link to your Shutterfly site.  


The club holds General Membership meetings the 2nd Thursday of the following months at the TFA Harrison clubhouse:  March, May, Sept, Nov.  All members (parents, coaches, team admins, etc.) are welcome to attend to stay informed on all club matters, including: league updates, tournaments, financial report, spirit wear, special club programs, etc.


Ohio South Youth Soccer Association provides general liability and participant accident medical coverage for their member affiliates while conducting operations on behalf of Ohio South Youth Soccer Association.

Contact the Club Administrator to request a copy of the insurance certificate.  Provide your team name, age group, coach name, intended use of the facility (indoor vs outdoor), league your team plays in, as well as the name and address of the organization requesting the proof of insurance.

Refer to Ohio South's website for detailed information about insurance coverage.


A new law has gone into effect related to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in youth athletes.  

The following items have been posted on the Team Admin>Important Documents page of our website: 

Lindsay’s Law – Information for Parents

Lindsay’s Law – Information for Coach

Lindsay’s Law – Video

Lindsay’s Law – Parent/Athlete Signature Form

Click here for the Ohio Department of Health website with additional information. 

Coaches should review the “Information for Coach” doc as well as the video.  

Provide these links to your parents.  Parents will also be provided this information and prompted to electronically sign to confirm receipt when they register in the Blue Star system.


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