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Buckeye League

The decision of which league your team will play in is collaboration between the team’s coaching staff and the club’s DOC’s. Make sure you check with TFA’s Directors of Coaching before submitting an application to BPYSL.

The information presented below is meant to be a guide for Coaches and Team Administrators of teams participating in the BPYSL League.  Always refer to the BPYSL website,, for the most up-to-date league information. Questions regarding BPYSL can be directed to the Club Administrator at [email protected].

League contact information:
Buckeye-MOSSL Premier Youth Soccer League
670 Lakeview Plaza Blvd – Suite D
Worthington, Ohio 43085
Office:  614-436-6775
Fax:        614-436-8323
Email:    [email protected]

Topics Covered:

Buckeye Calendar
Scheduling Meeting
Player/Coach Registration
In-Season Changes
Referee Fees


Click here to view the BPYSL calendar.


Once it’s been established that your team will participate in the Buckeye Premier League, you must go to  Select the Application to League link and submit before the league’s application deadline.

Application to and participation in the BPYSL program is by invitation only to US Youth Soccer registered clubs/teams.  All US Youth Soccer member teams make application to the Buckeye Premier league with the understanding that final acceptance and placement within the divisions lies exclusively with the Buckeye Premier Board of Directors. Teams from outside of the boundaries of OSYSA require approval from the team’s National State Association and OSYSA.

  • Invitation for participation is open to any properly registered US Youth Soccer competitive club, organization or team in good standing with a member National State Association
  • All applications for participation in Buckeye Premier must be received by the deadline dates established each season.
  • A complete application package MUST include:
    • Buckeye Premier “Application for Acceptance” completed in its entirety.
    • A check in the amount of the established league entry fee made payable to Buckeye Premier.

** The club will pay the Buckeye league fee for all TFA teams.  Teams do not need to submit payment.  Please forward your application email confirmation to the Club Administrator.

The league reserves the right to refuse admittance to any team, with or without cause that submits an application based on the rules and procedures of Buckeye Premier and the evaluations made by the Board of Directors. In addition, acceptance may be denied to any team based upon the team's prior performance in the league, i.e. repeated failure to play matches as scheduled, failure to comply with league rules, failure to pay referees, failure to pay fines assessed by the league, excessive discipline issues, etc.


Once your team’s been accepted in the BPYSL, a representative from your team will be required to attend a league scheduling meeting. Notice, with times and dates for each age group as well as its location, will be provided via email to each team’s coach/administrator. Failure for a representative to attend this meeting will result in your team having no games scheduled for the season.

This is a self-scheduling meeting, meaning that each of the teams in a division will work together to create a schedule of games for the upcoming season. It is advisable that before entering the scheduling meeting, you make note of any known conflicts that will occur during the season so as not to schedule games on these dates. Examples of such conflicts are:  tournament dates, coach’s non-availability and player conflicts, such as dances, field trips and SAT/ACT tests.

At the conclusion of the scheduling meeting, a tentative schedule will be created and posted for each coach’s review. This is an opportunity for each coach to address scheduling errors and request changes to their scheduled games. At the end of the review period, final schedules will be posted, of which, it is the expectation that each coach adhere to.



With the use of Stack Sports starting with the Fall 2018 season, team carding with the league is much more simplified as all leagues within Ohio South are also using Stack Sports.  Families now upload birth certificates and photos for each payer into their Stack Sports accounts.  Similarly, coaches must upload their photos and Concussion Certificates into their Stack Sports accounts.  Background checks (fka KidsSafe/Risk Management) are all electronically done now in Stack Sports.  The leagues all have access to these documents via Stack Sports.

Steps to get your team carded/rostered with BPYSL:

Step 1 Instruct families to upload photos and birth certificates into Stack Sports
Step 2 Instruct coaches to upload photos and Concussion Certificates into Stack Sports
Step 3 Collect the Out-of-State Permission to Play forms, if applicable
Step 4 Let the Club Administrator know when Steps 1-3 are completed and you believe your team is ready for carding
Step 5 Schedule a meeting with a Buckeye office to process your cards and roster once the Club Admin notifies you to do so

The Club Administrator will be monitoring your team for the above items and will reach out to you if anything is missing in Stack Sports for players or coaches.  The Club Administrator will notify you once all players and coaches have been verified by BPYSL in Stack Sports.  At that time, you should make an appointment with one of the Buckeye offices to get your cards and roster.  You should bring with you all of the Out-of-State Permission to Play forms.

Note that you should make the appointment at least 2 weeks prior to your first game.  Or, you can mail everything to the Worthington office.

Mail to:

Buckeye-MOSSL Premier Youth Soccer League
670 Lakeview Plaza Blvd – Suite D
Worthington, Ohio 43085

* Include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

Or, hand deliver to one of the following BPYSL offices:

670 Lakeview Plaza Blvd – Suite D
Worthington, Ohio 43085
(614) 436-6775 phone
(614) 436-8323 fax
[email protected]

West Chester
Joel Hughes
8300 Princeton Glendale Road
West Chester, Ohio 45069
(513) 833-5908
[email protected]
** by appointment only, please EMAIL

Loveland (near Kings Island)
Diane Jimenez
9800 Union Cemetery Road
Loveland, OH 45140
[email protected]
** by appointment only, please EMAIL

Beavercreek (southeast of Dayton)
Diane Thullen
3518 Apple Grove Drive
Beavercreek, OH 45430
(937) 426-9349
[email protected]
** by appointment only



Effective June 24, 2019, the Indiana Out of State Permission to Play form will be processed online and there is no charge.  

Click on the link below to log into GotSoccer to register:

Resident Player Registration Form For Permission to Play Out Of State  2019-2020, (updated 6/24/2019)

If you don't have a GotSoccer player account and/or you could not get your login credentials using the 'forgot password' function, please contact Amber Cremeens.

Required information:

State Association
OSYSA (Ohio South Youth Soccer Association)
Club Name
Total Futbol Academy
Buckeye Premier League (BPYSL)
Age Group:  U8, etc.

Indiana Youth Soccer, 5440 Herbert Lord Road, Indianapolis, IN  46216
Phone:  317-975-2020, ext 2009
Fax:  317-829-0555



Kentucky Out-of-State Permission Form
Required information:
League:  Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League (BPYSL)

Mail to:  Kentucky Youth Soccer Association, Attn:  Out of State Permission, 443 S. Ashland, Ave, Suite 201, Lexington, KY  40502.
Phone: 859-268-1254
Fax:  859-269-0545
Mail along with:  check for $20.00, copy of player’s birth certificate and self-addressed stamped envelope (so they can return to coach or team admin)

Documents to be included in your packet:

  • Player cards with the player’s 1 ¼ x 1 ¼ picture glued on  (cards printed through the BPYSL registration system and signed by player)
  • USYSA Membership Forms for Players (printed through the BPYSL registration system)(requires parent signature in two places)(Ohio South will keep this, must have one copy for yourself)
  • Proof of Birth (copy of birth certificate)(Ohio South will keep this)
  • Out of State Permission (only for IN or KY players)
  • Coaches Cards with the coach’s 1 ¼ x 1 ¼ picture glued on  (cards printed through the BPYSL registration system and signed by coach)
  • USYSA Membership Forms for Coaches (printed through the BPYSL registration system and signed by coach)(Ohio South will keep this, must have one copy for yourself)
  • KidSafe/Risk Management Form (coach must sign)(must be updated every 2 years)(allow one week for processing)
  • 3 Copies of Roster (printed through the BPYSL registration system)

In addition, a Medical Release Form should be completed for each player; however, this does not need to be handed in to the league. You should keep this on hand at all games. 


Teams that already have an approved roster for the seasonal year will use these steps to make subsequent roster changes.

Teams that do not already have an initial roster (including high school teams only playing in the spring) should refer to the PLAYER/COACH REGISTRATION section above.

** Note: If you do not have any changes to your roster from the fall to spring season, no action is required!

Overview of Roster Changes:

Step 1 Contact the Club Administrator and provide details of players that are transferring from/to another team.  Provide:
  -  Player Name
-  Current club name, team name and team number
-  New club name, team name and team number

Step 2 For a Transfer:  Collect the Inter Team Transfer Form (signed by player & coach of team player is transferring from) (see Team Admin>Important Documents).

Step 3 For a Player Quit:  Collect the Voluntary Quit Form (this MUST be signed by player, parent and coach) (see see Team Admin>Important Documents)

Step 4 Collect the current player card

Step 5 Schedule a meeting with a Buckeye office to process your cards and roster once the Club Admin notifies you to do so

The club with the incoming transfer will initiate the transfer in the Stack Sports system.  Our Club Administrator will either initiate the transfer or contact the Club Administrator for the other club to initiate the transfer, as appropriate.

The Club Administrator will notify you once the transfer has taken place in the Stack Sports system.  Then, you should schedule an appointment with BPYSL to get a new card and/or roster.  Bring with you to the appointment either the Inter Team Transfer Form or the Player Quit Form, as well as the current player card.



Click here for details of Referee Fees from the Buckeye website.

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