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Western League

2020 Spring Youth Rec League Schedules

All Boys teams are full - not accepting new boys registrations.  Still accepting a few spots for Girls 2010s, 2011s, 2012s and 2013s.  Go to the Stack Sports Login page to login or create a new account to register.

Games will be posted in Early March

Training times are tentative and subject to change. 

Target start date TBA

Rosters (only the players who have registered are listed) - updated 03/11/20:

TFA Girls Yellow - Coach Harloff - Training Times Monday 5:30 - 6:30 Field TFA South #13/Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30 Field TFA Harrison #33 (Harloff Trainer)
L  Ammer
K  Aug
L  Brass
C  Chastang
R  Crowe
D  Guidugli
C  Harloff
C  Kneflin
J  Kremer
A  Meyer
R  Papania
P  Winkler

TFA Girls Red - Coach Lauren Papania - Training Times Monday 6:30 - 7:30 Field TFA South 13 (Trainer TBA)/Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30 Field TFA Harrison 32 (Trainer Quispe)
K  Baird
R Becker
A  Brown
M  Leisgang
G Melillo
M  Niemann
E  Papania
L  Rauch
R  Ryan

TFA Girls Black - Coach BJ Black - Training Times 5:30 - 6:30 Monday/Wednesday Field TFA South 17 (Trainer BJ Black)
F  Bentley
N  Evans
A Johnson
E Johnson
E Jones
A  Matheny
S  Roth
E Shartzer
R Witterstaetter

TFA Girls Orange - Coach Beth Neimeyer - Training Times 6:30 - 7:30 Monday Field TFA South 20 (Trainer Huth)/Thursday 5:30 - 6:30 Field TFA North 1(Trainer Neimeyer)
P  Hirth
D  Hirth
A Howard
A  Leahy
K  Niemeyer
E  Nienaber
E Rhoads
S  Weinewuth
J  Weinewuth

TFA Girls Sky Coach Scott Kist Training Times Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30 Field TFA South #20 (Trainer Fant)/Thursday 5:20 - 6:20 Field TFA South 16 (Trainer Walsh)
S  Dunaway
M Ghering
E  Grome
T  Hartmann
L  Heiert
E Holthaus
E  Kist
M McAlpin
C Nardelli
O  Schmutte
S  Seibel
K Trenkamp

TFA Girls Pink Coach Julie Schenke Training Times 5:20-6:20 Tuesday Field TFA South 16/6:30 - 7:30 Thursday Field TFA South 20
B  Bare
L  Braker
L Hood
S  LaTulippe
A  Massa
B  Perrmann
M  Schenke
L  Schenke
M  Southard
S  Spears
K  Ward

TFA Girls Teal Coach Kissell
Training Times 5-6 Tuesday Field TFA North #8 (Trainer Schoening)/Thursday 5:30 - 6:30 Field TFA North
M Gaitley
R  Hartman
S  Kissell
L Korn
C Kueffner
R  Lunsford
S  Shahbabian
A  Stender
A  Tenkman

TFA Girls Purple - Coach BJ Schmidt Training Times 5:30 - 6:30 Monday/Thursday Field TFA South 12 (Trainer TBA)
F  Belperio
K  Burns
M Hand
A  King
K  Louis
Ay Mueller
E Paff
C  Reder
S  Saleh
E  Schmidt

TFA Boys Royal - Coach Jamie Harloff
Training Times Monday 5:30 - 6:30 Field TFA South #13/Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30 Field TFA Harrison #33 (Harloff Trainer)
O  Allen
W Bolger
W  Dabbs
R  Dabbs
C  Harloff
B  Jones
C  Meyer
L Nienhaus
C  Poulos
C  Williams

TFA Boys Navy - Coach Ben Miller Training Times Monday 5:30-6:30 Field TFA Harrison 32 (Trainer Quispe); 6:30 - 7:30 Wednesday Field TFA South 17 (Trainer Miller)
L  Bross
G  Bushman
N Cowans
C  Hildebrand
B  Huffman
C  Marckesano
L  Miller
L  O'Brien
J Ramirez Lozano
D Roberto
W  Schille
D  Visoso Salinas

TFA Boys White Coach Dave Laake Training Times Mondays/Wednesdays 5:45- 6:45 Field TFA North 7 (Coerver Trainers)
N  Altman
M  Auer
B  Born
C  Born
L  Brown
K  Laake
J  Laake
R  Macke
No  Magalski
J  Marr
G  Pitzer
M  Stricker

TFA Boys Grey Coach Dan Engel Training Times Mondays/Wednesdays 5:45- 6:45 Field TFA North 7 (Coerver Trainers)
M  Arrabal
N  Davis
J  Engel
K  Hendrickson
D  Hicks
L Hugentobler
R  Kramer
Ne Magalski
K  Sacay
R  Shepherd
R  Wieland

TFA Boys Green - Coach Jason Harris Training Times Mondays/Wednesdays 5:45- 6:45 Field TFA North 7 (Coerver Trainers)
C  Bauer
H  Brown
F Connley
J Owens
M Fischer
C  Grossheim
G  Gonzalez
W  Grey
M Harris
J Kelley
T  Pennekamp
L  Preston

All 7v7 games at TFA Harrison Soccer Complex (TSC) - Field #7; 4v4 games Field #10
26299 S. State Street, West Harrison, IN 47060
Check Field Status on website


Take I-275 west to I-74 west stay on I-74 West to Exit #3 (Dry Fork Rd).  Turn left onto Dry Fork and then right onto Simonson (after 2 traffic lights).  Simonson dead-ends into Kilby where you turn Left and after 200 yards turn right onto Campbell Rd.  Campbell Rd. dead-ends into Stateline Rd where you turn right and then about 100 feet turn left into the complex.

Fields are on the right as you enter the complex in front of the concession stand

The Western League is the league that the youth rec. program teams play in.  It is an Ohio South sanctioned recreational/developmental league that offers soccer in Cincinnati in the Spring and Fall for 6-9 year old boys and girls.

Your teams can stay together - no picking from a hat - flexible age groups.

All Western League teams play 7v7 and 4v4

Games are played with a set schedule and a referee in the Miamitown/Cleves/Harrison area.  Scores and standings are not kept.  The Fall 2018 season will begin in mid-late August and will end in late October.  Games will be played on the weekends.  Week night games are possible.  Entire teams are welcome to the league.  There is no picking from a hat like SAY soccer.  

Contact John Huth 513-382-4027 for more information.

Fall season will start in mid August and end in late October

Check this schedule often for changes 

CHECK TFA'S WEB PAGE FIELD CLOSURE - If fields are listed 'closed' games are cancelled.

TFA Harrison Field Layout - Spring 2020

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